Bharat Battu
Experienced Educational Games Developer
JS & HTML 5,  Flash &  Adobe AIR,  Hybrid & Native Apps




Experienced 2D game developer,  proficient in Flash/Adobe AIR & ActionScript  plus Javascript & CreateJS  for cross-platform HTML 5 game development. Currently exploring Hybrid HTML 5 apps and Unity. Received a M.Ed in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus on effective multimedia design and fostering technology literacy in youth. Published and upcoming games for WGBH / PBS Kids to date include over a dozen HTML 5 and Flash web games, and an Adobe AIR native app.

Ever since age 5 with the NES, playing games has been an entertaining hobby, a way to kick back and relax, and a means to explore and experience creativity. But beyond simply playing and consuming games,  I came to admire the artistry, meticulous planning, and digital carpentry that went into making the games I love.  I strove to bridge purposeful work with my love of games, and today I am proud to be a maker of games and interactive media that educates, engages and inspires. Appreciative and nostalgic for the 8 & 16 bit classics I grew up with; I hope to continue creating games that I can one day share with my children.